APLHA, and artificial intelligence system developed by Psybernetix Inc, is the most capable automated fighter pilot yet. Originally developed as a ‘Red Force’ controller flying enemy aircraft in simulations, it is now being re-engineered as a ‘Blue Force’ automated wingman — and will ultimately be able to fly real unmanned combat aircraft.

Former Air Force Col.’Geno’ Lee helped with the testing described. He could easily defeat the earlier software used, but after flying many missions  against ALPHA, not only could he not score a kill against it, he was shot out of the air every time . Lee describes ALPHA as “the most aggressive, responsive, dynamic and credible AI seen-to-date.”    




Picture shows a view of a combat simulation, with missile detonation locations marked. Two Blue (human) vs. four Red (APLHA) aircraft, all Reds have successfully evaded missiles, one Blue has been destroyed, Blue AWACS plane in distance.

More here in my piece in New Scientist magazine.